Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Keep the air in your facility clean with bipolar ionization systems.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor air quality has become a higher priority for many businesses to better protect the health and safety of their customers and employees. R&D Heating & Sheet Metal now installs various ionizer systems, with our two most popular options by PlasmaAir.

Reasons why you should purify the air inside your facilities.

PlasmaPure 600

  • $899 installation cost
  • Rated for HVAC units up to 6 tons

PlasmaPure 1500 Self-Cleaning

  • $1,299 installation cost
  • Rated for HVAC units up to 15 tons
  • Multiple ionizers can be installed to meet >15 tons

We are also working with several other vendors to provide a multitude of indoor air quality solutions. Contact us if you would like pricing on any of the following systems:

  • Duct-mounted units for room-specific applications
  • Temporary mobile floor-mounted units
  • Stand-alone ceiling-mounted systems for high-traffic like lobbies, conference rooms, cafeterias, etc.
  • Filtered diffusers
  • High volume low speed ceiling fans with ionizers or UVC
  • Destratification fans with UVC
  • Air curtains with ionizers or UVC

A chart comparing bipolar ionization with PCO, ozone generators, traditional filtration, HEPA/fine grain filters, carbon filters, and UV lights.

COVID-19 Indoor Air Quality Assistance Program

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation expanded the facilities eligible for the COVID-19 Indoor Air Quality Assistance Program and extended the application deadline to December 31, 2021. It provides reimbursement to help cover the costs of inspections, assessments, maintenance, and improvements to indoor HVAC systems to control the spread of COVID-19. It also provides reimbursement for secondary devices designed to destroy bacteria and mold and inactivate viruses. If you purchase indoor air quality systems from R&D Heating & Sheet Metal, you may be eligible to get reimbursed for the cost of installation! (To learn more about eligibility requirements, click here.)

Contact us today to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions and get a free quote on a system for your facility!